With Continuous Optimization and Joint Force IMC-YY Put a Perfect End to M/V SAN FERNANDO Repair


At 21:30 on June 9, 2020, a crew member of MV. SAN FERNANDO was diagnosed as an asymptomatic infection with COVID-19. In accordance with IMC-YY Emergency Response Procedures and government instructions, we immediately stopped all workings onboard and strictly implemented various prevention and control measures. All staff members of IMC-YY once boarded were quarantined According to epidemic prevention requirements while the crew member was sent to local hospital for further medical treatment. For safety concern, M/V SAN FERNANDO was required for 14 days quarantine and no personnel except epidemic prevention professionals could go onboard. 45-days original contracted repair period was shortened instantly due to this unexpected situation and ship owner faced with a high risk of default.


MV. SAN FERNANDO officially resumed work on June 25.  Ship owner required that the vessel must sail on July 30, which means that the original 45-day repair period has been reduced to 35 days, fell by a third.

In order to ensure the safety of workers, Epidemic Prevention Department required IMC-YY to strictly implement the anti-epidemic measure called “No-Contact Working for Seven Days after the Resumption of Work”.  What’s more, the bad weather condition made it more difficult for M/V SAN FERNANDO to leave on schedule. IMC-YY immediately set up SAN FERNANDO Management Team, and ship repair manager was appointed as the management team leader with the mission that the vessel shall leave on 28th June.

SAN FERNANDO Management Team organized meeting and worked out a series of feasible plans and measures.  “No-Contact Working for Seven Days after the Resumption of Work” guaranteed the operation progress while ensuring safety; the big data of the main line engineering working hours of the three other vessels provided an effective reference for SAN FERNANDO.

What’s more, the management team has maintained efficient and high-quality communication with all parties. The Internet real-time communication with ship owner ensured the fluency of the project; daily meeting solved the problems generated in working producers and formulated shift plans corresponding guarantee measures and requirements.

SAN FERNANDO Management Team insisting on creating an atmosphere of teamwork, efficient communication and mutual assistance finally put a perfect end to the repair project.

On July 25, 2020, SAN FERNANDO left IMC-YY successfully, which was 3 days earlier than the intended date. The great emphasis of leadership placed on that vessel, the unity of the various workshop departments, the hard work of workers, and the efficient cooperation of the SAN FERNANDO Management Team made it happen.

The infected crew member with great care and treatment of local government and hospital finished 14-days quarantine on 24th July and went back.

IMC-YY always adheres to the Management Theory as create and guide customers' needs, and provide ship repair services beyond their expectations, and strives to safeguard the benefits of ship owners.