International Conference and Demonstration on HI-TECH Ship Maintenance was held by IMC-YY


On 23rd March 2019,more than 70 representatives from 10 countries and regions, engaged in shipyards, ship repair equipment manufacturers, anti-corrosion coating manufacturers, and maritime media outlets across the world were gathering together in Zhoushan IMC-YY shipyard(IMC-YY), on hand to discuss green innovations in the ship repair industry with the subject < Driving the technology revolution together & providing a green solution for ship maintenance globally>. 


In the morning, conference attendees saw several demonstrations at IMC-YY shipyard Dock 1# of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting HI-TECH equipment invented by IMC-YY and Hammelmann, and also the environmentally friendly new technologies, such as automatic painting equipment.


In the afternoon, the conference on HI-TECH ship maintenance was held at Sheraton Hotel. In the conference, the general manager of IMC-YY, Mr. Chen Yong made the speech on the topic. He explained that China is focusing more on environmental protection, and IMC-YY is willingly to undertake the social responsibility for the development of ship repair industry and persists in opening up to the outside world. The reason why IMC-YY would like to open their own gate to peers worldwide is that we would like to show the whole picture of IMC-YY as China’s ship repair enterprise and share the green development ideas and practice with all attendees. We are not competitors, Chen Yong said, we are partners providing green solution for global shipping industry, and now we are in the same boat.  


Mr. Berk Hard, the general manager and his business representative of Hammelmann , the globally well-known UHP equipment manufacturers of Germany, gave interactive speeches with our representatives. They introduced the application of UHP water jetting technology in ship maintenance industry between Hammelmann and our company for many years, the advanced technical equipment of Hammelmann, the present situation of the development of UHP water jetting technology, and the thinking on the future ship maintenance development and so on.

Mr. Karsten Mühlberg, senior technical advisor from Hempel (Germany), introduced the frontier development of coating anticorrosion technology, and put forward that UHP water jetting blasting technology is the irreplaceable technology in green ship repair nowadays and also the developing direction of surface treatment in future ship coating anticorrosion. He was impressed by the blasting effect of UHP water jet during the demonstration—more specifically, how the technology satisfies the world's top level of all coating standards. Mr. Miguel Jove from Spanish shipyard explained that he was very surprised by zhoushan shipyard with high cleanness, high efficiency and without noise. With the exact and urgent demands on green ship repair, this Spanish shipyard wants to introduce the technology, equipment and also the management system from IMC-YY.

In this conference , the representative of IMC-YY introduced that over the past five years, various ship repair technologies and equipment have been developed here, especially the UHP operation equipment called “Dock Spirt” invented by IMC-YY, made by Hammelmann and related vacuum recycling equipment called "Dock Whale". These new tools have replaced traditional grit blasting altogether. It’s a breakthrough concept and use case for the technology, which is more efficient than traditional grit blasting. This solution outpaced the traditional one in performance and efficiency, which not only solves the choke point of UHP method applying on ship hull without affecting docking time, but also innovates a whole new concept of comprehensive ultra-high pressure water jetting operation method for ship repairs in dock. The new approach also eliminated a bottleneck, as ships can now get cleaned much faster. IMC-YY put these advanced technologies into use right away, enabling us to increase efficiency while saving energy in an environmentally friendly way. The representative of IMC-YY also introduced the automatic spraying equipment named as “Dock Force”.

In recent years, IMC-YY has been focused on the future of ship repair, using science and technology to provide a China’s green solution for this industry and making great efforts.